Honest Services

Tomorrow’s Click is primarily run by Jon Kohn, a well-established professional I.T consultant. Since 2003 Jon has managed to complete tasks on his own that normally require an entire team of overpriced tech gurus. To keep up with the ever-changing market trends Jon has partnered with other qualified individuals as well as proven Leading tech companies to provide an affordable no nonsense one stop solution to all your needs.

Strategic Solutions

Does your I.T department consist of your mail room employee who has very basic computer knowledge? Is your in-house I.T staff overwhelmed? Tomorrow’s Click is not your average technology company! We understand technology as well as actual business workflows and needs. It is our policy to not band aid issues. Our reputation is based off the implementation of well thought out long lasting proven technical solutions.

Onsite or Remote Service

Do you have a highly trained I.T guy that will pull over his car on a Sunday and either use a laptop or even his mobile cell phone to resolve your issue, so you can conduct your business? I.T services are available onsite and offsite. Often at times something comes up and just needs a quick adjustment. In these cases, a remote session can be established into your place of business and the issue can quickly be resolved minimizing down time and cost.

fastest repair service with best price!

Compurter Service

Long Islands one stop computer maintanance service center, we undertake desktop and laptop service with all major brands. Most of the time repairs are completed without loosing any data! We can repair or replace all sorts of devices.

Data Recovery

We are expert to recover data from all situations, including viruses, accidental deletion, hardware failure.

Custom Software

We can provide 100% custom Web application designed and developed specifically to your needs. Do you have manual process you think can be automated? Lets talk I’m sure something can be programmed to simplify things.

Virus Removal

We are experts in Virus, spyware and other malware removal from your affected Laptop / Personal Computer. Yes, I have even found them on Macs! A great example of a service that can be done remotely after business hours.

Network Services

Network down? No Internet? This is not a task for an amateur. We provide reliable and timely service. Do you have wires everywhere? Is your network closet a comp;ate mess? We can even provide you an entirely new network infrastructure or cleanup the existing .

Software Installation

Operating System Installations / Upgrade Services for your Laptop, Computer, Install setup at your door step.

Who We Are

Tomorrows Click is an established tech company based out of Massapequa NY, specialized in a diversified range of technical services. Owned and operated by Jon Kohn, an independent IT consultant offering various services such as implementation and management of business critical IT systems, web development, Custom Software, IOS Apps, surveillance systems, digital signage, off-site backups and data recovery solutions, networking, Network cable runs, and complex software management for small businesses and residential customers. Over the years Jon has partnered with local industry specific professionals to convert Tomorrows Click from an independent consulting firm to a one stop full service consulting firm. This allowed Tomorrows Click to offer additional services such as Web based applications, IOS Apps, Social Media, AdWords, Scanners / copy machines, and Phone systems. Tomorrows Click has experience in just about everything. We are known to get things done with no issues and at a price that is lower then you would think. Reach out to us and lets start talking about your needs.

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